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Is Amie ready to give love another try or could she be making yet another bad decision with Lex, and is Lex truly in love with Amie or is it a case of besting his cousin? Here are my overall ratings on the book: Make sure you one-click! Review at Of Pens and Pages. Hooking Up by Helena Hunting is a hilarious romance packed with heat, a little bit of drama, and heaps and heaps of sexual tension. To make things worse, the who 3. To make things worse, the whole reception area can hear it because his moans and grunts are being blasted all over the room.

Everything is a mess and Ruby suggests she take a break from it all, to go on that honeymoon without her cheating SOB husband. She flies to Bora Bora, only to bump into the same guy she jumped after her wedding day. Apparently, Amie feels the same way because soon enough they give in to the pull and have the time of their life in Bora Bora. Armstrong refuses to sign the annulment papers and is being difficult as always, and they know things would be worse if people find out about their holiday affair. Lex is ready to go all the way but something is holding back Amie.

Armstrong did a number on her because he repressed her wild and fun nature. I do think she needs to be more careful with her liquor. I love that Ms. I want a guy who wears cute socks like Lex. I want Lex in my life. That man knows how to use his mouth and hands, and he knows how to use his heart, too.

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He reminds me a lot of Mr. Darcy, my numero uno. His relationship with his cousin Armstrong reminds me so much of Mr. They grew up together almost like brothers, but competitiveness, spite and just a difference in attitude ended their relationship. While the one who looks like a bad boy actually has a heart of gold, the other only has the appearance of goodness. I enjoyed this book but I have to say not as much as Shacking Up. It came to a point that I skimmed over some scenes already, hot as they were.

And they were definitely hot. Other than that, Hooking Up was a very enjoyable read. Oh, and on the last note, someone needs to neuter Armstrong and keep him in a crate.

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Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram View all 10 comments. We first meet Amalie in the first book in this series Shacking Up and you hope to all get out that she is going to get rid of the dumb butt that she is engaged too.

She does in a way. After he gives old Brittany Whore-ton's oral skills a go. At his and Amalie's wedding. I knew he was a big old dirt bag.

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And she tries to jump on Mr. Hottie It said in my email approving the ARC copy to not release the name of her hookup but I think that cat's out of the bag He reluctantly pus We first meet Amalie in the first book in this series Shacking Up and you hope to all get out that she is going to get rid of the dumb butt that she is engaged too.

Hottie It said in my email approving the ARC copy to not release the name of her hookup but I think that cat's out of the bag He reluctantly pushes Amie off him since she is waving around the hedge clippers that she used to cut off her wedding dress. Amie's best friend Ruby talks her into going ahead and taking her honeymoon by herself. It will give her time for some of the talk to die down about old cheater boy and skank. On the plane Mr. Hottie fills that position. Helena Hunting does a fantabulous job with making her leading men come to life in my little twisted mind so I'm all in for this.

I came three times. That's like being told unicorns are real. And then actually seeing one. I think I'm a total dirty pirate hooker. I'm not going to ramble on because I'll end up spilling all the beans. But have the electric company on alert that your usage will go up if you read these.

Netgalley in exchange for review. View all 21 comments. Nobody can stand the guy and Amie is not so sure of him herself, but she's still hoping that it will all work out once they're married. She ends up running away from her own wedding reception! The guy who asked her out first, that same night Armstrong asked her. But Armstrong was the safer choice. Also, as history proves, Amie's not the best at choosing boyfriends! And then once the wedding exploded, she literally threw herself at Lex for some revenge sex - but good guy that he is - he declined the offer.

But only because he wants more. He's always wanted more with Amie. But she now thinks he rejected her because she might have acted a tiny bit crazy on her wedding day. Off to paradise we go But of course she's not alone - only it's not Armstrong on the plane with her - it's Lex - he needs to check on some of his family's hotels in Bora Bora But we know that Lex will be.

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But right now, we're the only ones who know!! Of course it takes a while for them to get there. Poor guy has to fight for his happy end!

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But the reader has an amazing time watching them!!! We have so many funny But also some very serious and moving and frustrating moments. Armstrong that idiot is not giving up that easily!!!

apfredrokwingtor.tk I just loved this book! There's really nothing more I could say! It's kinda hot, even though the guy is not my kind of guy - BUT - the guy is also not Lex.

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Helena always says how his brother - the pro rugby guy - is the muscley brother - so for me, this guy on the cover, is waaaay too muscley and not in a good way for my tastes!!!! View all 3 comments. You don't know my struggles!

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They are hilarious and sexy. This book will transport you to a tropical island along with the heroine, who ends up going on her honeymoon alone. And the wedding drama that happened to her was like something out a book.