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Degrassi hook-up chart Red=Relationship Blue=Just a Hookup Green= Impregnated Purple= Marriage Let me know if i've missed any:).
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It was kind of hilarious to watch Leia dump Danny, thinking he'd come back to her, only for him to just go ahead and date Chantay instead. On the bright side, Peter supporting Emma through her eating disorder was great, and the first real hint that he might become something other than an utter tool. But when Sean came back into the picture, Peter self-destructed like whoa.

I'm still not really sure why or how this happened, and I've tried very hard to forget it. But Manny walking in on JT with the penis pump was an iconic "Degrassi" moment, so at least there's that. Jesse cheated on Ellie with Caitlin, in the office where they all worked. At least Ellie landed the Editor-In-Chief position anyway! When your first attempt at a relationship begins with one half of the couple cheating on their partner with you, and your second ends after your boyfriend gets addicted to cocaine, you're probably not meant to be together.

This pairing, a classic ship from the early "Degrassi High" days, fell apart in the worst way.

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As one of the show's few legacy couples, it was upsetting to see these two break up over and over again, in increasingly terrible ways He cheated on her with Manny, got Manny pregnant, and then Ashley took him back like it was nothing. The early days of their relationship were great, but everything post-Manny was terrible. I was so glad when Ashley off-screen dumped Craig for good for Alastair. They were much better as friends and music buddies. After rarely interacting while being on the show with one another for nearly a decade and literally never once flirting, Spinner and Emma got married while drunk at a casino with Jay and Manny.

This couple made no sense. Spinemma had no history together. So pretty, but so boring. There was nothing memorable about Kelly and Emma's relationship. Dave pined after Alli for a long time, finally got her This ship could've been great, but the writers severely dropped the ball with it.

Neither of KC's relationships were particularly good. He and Clare were woefully mismatched, in what was an obvious case of the writers chem-testing the new characters in their first seasons. Their relationship lasted way longer than it should have, and KC dumping Clare for Jenna was a blessing in disguise — for Clare, anyway, who'd go on to have much better relationships. Lola went after Tiny, knowing that Shay one of her best friends was also into him.

While that's not necessarily grounds for being a terrible ship, these two also had absolutely nothing in common. This was made all too clear every time Tiny and Shay bonded over being incredibly intelligent, while poor ditzy Lola was left out. To Lola's credit, though she didn't take being broken up with very well, she got over it pretty quickly once she realized the depth of Shay's feelings for Tiny. Tori was a great, underutilized character, and she deserved much better than Zig, who secretly pursued one of Tori's best friends.

The relationship fizzled out when Imogen realized she just wasn't feeling it anymore. Nothing terrible happened between these two.

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They had fine chemistry. But they were each better off with other people, and the "Oh no, we are step-siblings in love! Mia "Meatball Sub" Jones and JT were completely wrong for one another, despite being great characters separately.

JT was always meant to be with Liberty, and Mia was only used as a dramatic obstacle to that. Owen was a pretty bad character to begin with. He marginally improved while dating Anya, but they eventually broke up offscreen after she left to join the Army. These two were cute, but forgettable. Unfortunately for Chris, he was really just a filler dude in between Emma's various reconciliations with Sean. The way they ended, however, was awful. Poor Winston just wanted to have sex with his pretty girlfriend, but Zoe was so, so gay.

However, his reaction to her emotional coming out was really touching. Though they were a mess together, Winston genuinely cared about Zoe. Despite starting off on a rocky foot when Chantay essentially tricked Leia into breaking up with him , these two were really well-suited to each other and had a largely drama-free relationship.

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Some of the best "Degrassi" relationships began as friendships, and Jonnor was certainly one of them. Surprisingly, they just worked together. They became one of the most adorable later-season couples and were still together when they graduated. As the longest running legacy "Degrassi" pair, Snake and Spike are still total goals.

Let's not talk about that cheating-with-Hatzilakos nonsense, which was entirely out of character for Snake. Marco and Ellie were the best of the "Degrassi" beard relationships. Ellie had legitimate feelings for Marco and was devastated to find out that he was gay, but out of that bloomed the show's most badass BroTP.

We wonder what still-untried but probably inevitable matches might be like.

Jake and Katie had killer chemistry, and it didn't quite make sense that they never got back together before each of them exited the show. Katie left soon after Jake; they could have easily ridden off into the sunset together. Jimmy and Hazel were adorable together for the few years they were a couple.

Jimmy suddenly developing random, unrequited love for Ellie was a horrible way for them to split. They had a rocky start, but their relationship quickly became one of the strongest on the show— and eventually, they were one of the few pairs to leave the series still in a relationship. Surprisingly, "Degrassi" rarely does the "dating my best friend's younger sibling" trope. But Winston and Frankie, as a rare example of that, totally worked. They were adorable together for a while, but then it all fell apart — first when Winston cheated on Frankie with Lola, and later when Lola developed an over-the-top crush on another guy.

It was inevitable that Bianca would come between the two of them, but Drew and Alli were adorable while they lasted. Zig is just a mess. Like Drew, he's cheated on just about every girl he's been in a relationship with. Stop trying to make Semma 2. These two had oodles of chemistry, and their ship name was Savvy J. How can you not love an adorable ship name like that? In all seriousness, this was one of those couples that probably shouldn't have been as successful as it was.

While they weren't built to last given that they both had other great loves, they were fun and flirty and charismatic when the going was good. Cam was by far the show's most tragic character, and his all-too-brief relationship with Maya was beyond sweet and perfect. His life and their relationship both ended horribly, and yes, I'm still holding it against Zig. It was clear that Cam and his death were still on Maya's mind up through Season 14, but he's basically been forgotten altogether in "Next Class" and that's a serious shame.

Marco paved the way for a more inclusive school, and Riley benefited from that though he still initially struggled to come to terms with his sexuality. I'd like to imagine that they definitely reunited while away at Eastern University. I'll always have a soft spot for these two.

Being with Alli made Johnny a better man, and they truly did love one another. In the end, they couldn't work it out, though. It was so bittersweet to see Alli flee to Johnny's college when she was spiraling, seeing him cleaned up, doing well, and with a brand new girlfriend. Spinner and Paige had one of the most solid and functional relationships in the early seasons of "Degrassi.


They were definitely one another's first love. They had so much in common — more so than any other of Spinner's many relationships — and great chemistry.

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Jane randomly cheating on Spinner with Declan made no sense whatsoever. My goodness, these two were just adorable. Adam adored Becky and, despite her issues with her religious, conservative family, Becky adored Adam right back. Their relationship also made Becky a much better character.