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The authentic way to attract, date, and find love anywhere. Learn from New York Times featured New York City Dating Expert John Keegan - Your Personal.
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Just about all of them can point to Read more.

New york Dating Coach John Keegan on Spike TV - How to meet a girl on a park bench

The First 3 to 6 Months of a Relationship. The first six months of a relationship are the honeymoon phase.

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However, most relationships never last past three to six Read more. I know that it can be incredibly scary to feel vulnerable. However, if you want a long-lasting relationship you need Read more.

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I certainly do understand the romantic notion that Read more. Confidence is Different Than Self-Esteem.

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Do you know the difference? Self-esteem and self-confidence frequently get mistaken for Read more. See All Blog Posts. Giving Up Junk-Food Relationships: Recipes for Healthy Choices.

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  • Bad relationships are pretty much the same as junk food. And with Steinberg at her side goading her, she suddenly picked a target and just went for it. Get my FREE dating advice! I can help you connect with someone special if: You have a good education, ambitious career, nice home, good friends and have worked hard to achieve your successes.

    NYC’s 12 Best Dating Coaches of 2014

    You are confident about your professional life and want to feel as confident about your love life. So how do you go from a Realizing what you want, to b Actually achieving it? I was an old dog with no new tricks — the last time I had been on a date was in the mids! Serious, professional help — a teacher, coach, cheerleader, and critic.

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    I wanted to date, have fun and have sex. So I looked into hiring a dating coach. I was lucky that both Craig and Erik lived in my neighborhood in NYC, and were conducting a group seminar near my home.

    Dating Coach - How To Flirt - How To Find Love - How To Be Confident

    As is my nature, I showed up to the meeting 5 minutes early. Women just naturally want to have sex with him. What I can say with absolute certainty, though, is that Craig has gotten what he has wanted from women, and then some. I personally observed Craig introduce himself to beautiful ladies, exchange contact information, and set dates.